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  Office Solution Plus - $14.95 per month

Office Solution Plus offers you the capability to have a simple, or complex communications solution.


Among other features, Office Solution Plus offers you the capability to Consolidate Voicemail messages from multiple sources, receive faxes through your “One Number”, & consolidate multiple email accounts into one easy to use system.

The Voice Mail box has the following characteristics:

  • 4 minute greeting length
  • 4 minute message length
  • 60 day message storage
  • 45 message storage quantity

Have Instant Message Notification to an email address or pager along with these added features:

  • eFax - Fax Messages can arrive at your private email address through your “One Number”
  • Free Email with Instant Notification (to a pager, telephone, etc.)
  • Toll Free One Button Callback – After listening to a message: user has the ability to press one button and return a phone call. Upon completion of the call, the user is bounced right back into the voicemail box at the exact location that you left it. (Requires toll free access number)
  • Receive Simultaneous Calls to this number at one time (no busy signals!)
  • Call Waiting – Regardless of where you have your calls forwarded, or whether the line is call waiting enabled, the LP system will notify you of another call and allow you to take it
  • Call Forwarding – You have the option to forward your number to another phone number anywhere in the country.(Could Require Long Distance)
  • Listen to Voice Mail messages through your PC
  • On Line Message Center – allows you to change the set-up of your account at any time, at no charge to you

How do we charge?

Office Solution Service per Month: $14.95 (for local phone number)
Incoming Calls per Month: Unlimited. There are no extra fees or charges.
Inbound Minutes per Month: Unlimited. There is no limit to the amount of incoming minutes you use each month.
Inbound Faxes per Month: Unlimited. No maximum number of faxes or efax pages.

To open your Office Solution Plus account, please signup for service here.

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