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  Personal Attention

"I think you and LP Wireless are great. Your personal attention to detail and commitment to providing excellent customer service is fantastic. If I ever need you (which is rare), you're always quick to get back to me. I get asked all the time where I obtained the service I have, I tell them LP Wireless. We utilize some numbers for personal efax numbers, others for VM and others for a virtual office assistant. Having faxes or VM messages emailed to our phone or PDA is great because we don't have to call in to get our messages or see who's fax came in. I also like the ability to offer several different options to my customers when they call in as to where and who they can be transferred to. I put my LP Wireless number on everything, that way my clients only have 1 number to remember. From that one number they can get to my assistant, processor, cell phone or wherever I set up the service to transfer them. I've tried several different communication methods over the past 21 years in this business. With everyone having 3 or 4 numbers these days, I find my LPWireless Total Solution package is the most effective for my clients to reach me or my support staff quickly and easily. I've had my LP Wireless number for years and don't plan on giving it up, ever!

If someone is looking to make it easier for their customers to reach them, I can think of no better way."

- Scott Jacobs, Amtrust Mortgage
  LP Wireless customer since 2004

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