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  POP Notification Frequently Asked Questions

What is POP mail? Top

POP mail is e-mail that is sent through servers that use the Post Office Protocol (POP). POP allows computers to retrieve mail from any mailbox server that supports this protocol. POP mail is often provided by Internet service providers (ISPs).

Setting up your WildMAP number to retrieve mail from POP accounts. Top

  1. Log in to your message center. In the navigation menu, click on 'Consolidate E-mail' From the Consolidate E-mail screen, click on the 'Add New' button. In the 'Add POP3 Account' page:

    For this field Provide this
    POP Server The server name of the POP account you want LP Wireless to get messages from.
    User Name Your e-mail name for that account.
    Password Your password for that account.
    Email Address The email address you want LP Wireless to get messages from.
    Password Your password for that account.

  2. Click the 'Submit' button. E-mail notification should begin working right away. Checks are made every 15 minutes to your POP3 e-mail accounts.

What is a POP server name? Top

A POP server name usually contains the word mail or pop followed by a period and then the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your company's POP mail server.

mail.<insert your ISP name>.com or
pop.<insert your company>.com

You can find the name of the mail server for your ISP or your company by contacting its system administrator.

Common problems with POP accounts. Top

You may have provided incorrect information about your POP account.
If you can't retrieve POP e-mail messages, make sure all your settings are correct, such as your server name, user name, password, and port number. If all of your settings seem correct, but you still have problems, contact your Internet service provider (ISP) administrator and verify what the correct settings should be.

If there are any errors with checking the e-mail on the POP3 accounts you have entered, there will be an error in red describing your problem. Be sure to check your settings for spelling errors or outdated information before attempting to contact your ISP.

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