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Voice mail instructions for first time users

How to use your voice mail and its features

Voice mail instructions for first time users Top
This area is for first time users. It covers some of the things you should do before giving out your number to others.

Voice Mail Features At A Glance Top
Some of the features are optional.

Phone Menu

Step 1: Calling your voice mail Top
Example: 1 310 555 1234

Call your voice mail number. To dial your voice mail number, pick up your phone, dial "1" then the area code then the remaining seven digits. If you do not need to dial the area code in your area, just enter the 7 digit number that was assigned to you.

Step 2: Getting inside your voice mail box Top
Press the [*] key and enter your [password]

Now you will need to access your voice mailbox. By entering your voice mailbox you will be able to access some important features with your voice mail number. The two main things we will focus on in this section are: recording an outgoing greeting that callers will hear when dialing your number and changing your password. But first, to access your box you need to dial your voice mail number and when you here the computerized woman's voice, press the * key on your keypad. At this point the system will ask you for your password. Your four-digit password was given to you when you first signed up.

Example: Dial 1 310 555 1234, wait for the computer to pick up, press the * key, then the password of 1212

Step 3: Recording a greeting for your callers Top
Press [3], [3], and [3] a third time to start recording. Press [1] when finished

After you have entered you voice mailbox (step 2) you might want to record an outgoing greeting. To do this, press button "3" on your keypad to go to your voice mailbox maintenance menu. In this menu you will be able to change your password using button "1" record an announcement for yourself using button "2" and record an outgoing greeting using button "3". For now, you are going to concentrate on just recording your greeting, so press button "3". Next you will prompted to record a greeting by pressing button "3". At this point you will begin recording. When you are done recording, press "1" then "1" again to accept your recording. After you are done you will be placed back into the maintenance box where you will proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Changing your password Top
Dial your number. Enter [*] then your password. Press [3], [1] then your new 4 digit password.

The quickest way someone else other than yourself can get into your voice mailbox is to guess at your password. Before giving your number out to anyone it is imperative you change the password that was initially given to you. Upon completing step 3 you should be in the maintenance menu. If you have already hung up the phone, dial your number, enter *, your password and then press button "3". From here press button "1" to change your password. Your voice mail will prompt you for a new security code and you may enter one that is up to 12 digits in length (though most people only make it 4 digits long).

How to use your voice mail and its features Top

Here we cover some of the unique functions of your voice mailbox and how to use all of the features available to you.

The toll-saver feature Top

If you hear a ring before your greeting starts playing that means you have no new messages. If you don't hear one, it means that you do. This feature is standard with every Wilgate voice mailbox and the simplest to use. When you call your number, if you hear a ring before your greeting begins to play it means that you do not have any new messages. If there is no ring and your greeting begins to play right away it means that you have new messages waiting. This feature still work with toll-free extension numbers. After you enter your extension number, if you hear a ring before your voicemail answers you do not have any new messages. If you do not hear the ring, then you have new messages waiting.

Listening to your new messages Top
Press [1] to listen to new messages. [#] Fast forwards, [*] Rewinds, [0] Pauses Playback, [3] to Erase, [5] to Save.

When you first enter your voice mailbox it will tell you if you have any new messages. If you don't have any, it will tell you how many saved messages you have. While listening to your new or saved messages (by pressing "1" for new messages or "4" for saved messages) you have several unique functions available to you. Since LP Wireless offers three minutes of recording time for messages, some of the ones you may be listening to may end up rather long. While you are playing back the message you may press any of the keys listed below to use their functions:

# Fast forward (at increments of 5 seconds)
* Rewind (at increments of 5 seconds)
0 Pause playback of message
3 Erase message
4 time & date of message
5 save message
7 review message
9 exit

Listening to your saved messages Top

Press [4] to hear saved messages. When you listen to your new messages, you must either erase or save each message to move to the next one. You may press "4" to listen to your saved messages and the functions listed above are available (such as # to forwards, * to rewind, etc..)

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