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Man on ComputerHere are some of the features that you can begin using right now:

  • Call your Personal Phone Number, your One Number, and press “#” to open a world of services. This is your One and only Number for Life, even if you move, even if you change jobs, even if you change cell phones, as long as you are a LP Wireless subscriber.
  • People can call your One Number to leave messages or to send faxes to you.
  • You can call your One Number to pick up messages.
  • You will now have Low cost long-distance calling right from your One Number mailbox.
  • Use the LP Wireless Messaging Center at to pick up messages, faxes, email, pages and to change settings on your One Number from anywhere in the world.
  • Consolidate all of your email accounts into one place.
  • Have your own Personal Lobby, which is your own web site that you can customize with your own music, videos, and information you want to share. It’s also a site where others can go to send you information and to schedule meetings.
  • Have voice messages, faxes and other messages emailed to you wherever you may be.
  • Professional calendar, phone book, Internet bookmark storage, electronic notebook, and full contact management, compatible with OutlookÔ, Outlook Express, and Palm organizers.
  • Have instant access to a detailed listing of all calls in and out of your One Number.
  • You can choose to have your One Number be a local number or a toll free number accessible from anywhere in the United States.
  • You may be paged or emailed to notify you of new voice mail, fax, and immediate messages that arrive in your One Number mailbox.

With our Premium Services, such as Office Solution, Office Solution Plus and Total Solution you have even more features to make your life easier and to stay in touch the way you want to stay in touch. For example:

  • Be paged or emailed with new messages that arrive in any of your existing e-mail accounts.
  • Connect your One Number to any phone, anywhere.
  • Call Blast multiple phones simultaneously when someone calls your One Number. When one answers, the others hang-up. You can specify which phones will ring at any time of the day or when you want to just take a message.
  • Return a call to someone who leaves you a message with a One-Button Call Back, even if they did not leave their phone number (requires a personal toll free number). Great for calls while on the road.
  • Call your One Number, press one digit and hang up to connect your One Number with the number you called from. Until you change it, your calls will be transferred to that number.
  • Listen to emails on your cell phone while driving to work.
  • Be paged when someone is on hold for you, then call your One Number to be connected to the caller, automatically.
  • Create your own Personal Attendant IVR (Integrated Voice Response), a menu that you define that prompts callers with options.
  • And lots more.

LP Wireless is the Personalized, All-in-One Communications Solution.

You're busy, but take a few minutes to browse through the easy-to-read User's Guides on the following pages and see how LP Wireless can help you stay in touch. It will walk you through the basics, such as setting up your voice mailbox so that you can interact with people more smoothly, reliably, and efficiently than you have ever thought possible.

If you have questions that are not answered in this users guide, you will find “Tell Me More” buttons across the site as well as Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, in the Support section of our site. If all else fails, you can even talk to a human by calling LP Wireless at 770-453-9704 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.

Good communication is essential to good business. Fortunately, you have the key right at your fingertips. Enjoy your new service!

Further Information About Using Services Offered by LP Wireless

Some of the services available to you will vary based on the LP Wireless service plan that you are on. For a breakdown of the service plans that includes prices and services offered, go to the Products page, or the Features & Pricing page.

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